daha hızlı Autocad çalışması için..

IDEAS FOR SPEEDING UP AUTOCAD (collected from various NG’s, personal experience,
etc.)  cojonez 5-18-10
First things first, if you start having trouble, close AutoCAD, reboot your
computer, restart AutoCAD and then see if that made a difference.
1         Is the slowdown in all files or just one?  Start a new drawing by typing .new and see if the resulting
file is ok or not.  If ok then the existing file is the problem. Run Recover on that file to see if that
helps, see other tips further down.
2         Once a slow drawing is up check to see what fonts are being used or called.  If you don't have one
on your system substitute in STYLE for an AutoCAD shx font.  Do this for other font names you
don't recognize to see if the helps speed up the drawing. Change all TTF fonts to SHX to see what
difference it might make.
3         Does the drawing contain XREF files?  Close the current drawing, open
each XREF file and audit and purge each one.  Then go back to your
drawing.  In 2010 you can use the RECOVERALL command to also include
4         Check in layer manager to make sure you don't have 100's of layer filters, if so delete them.
5         Check the scale list to make sure you don't have 100's of scale lists.........

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