checklist for multiboot os installations from usb (or sd card)

-sd card and lock and card reader,
-installing "multi" operating systems (win7, xp, linux distrubutions) on a single sd card (which is locked against viruses)
tools: sd card reader (that supports locked?), sd card
possible freewares: YUMI, plpbt (to boot from usb for unsupported mainboards), Universal  USB installer, nLite,rufus (for dos booting),unetbootin

1)YUMI seems to play with the MBR, didn't like it much.XBOOT can also be considered.

2)Some SD card readers seems to read the locked SDHC cards but how the heck they can even write to it !!? and some do not even see it at all (read or write) but when it is unlocked, it works? Dear Kingston, Toshiba or Transcend companies; i want lockable USB flash thumbs, really, please..