Picasa3 Sharing with Circles Problem (NOTIFICATION Issue :/ )

Picasa3 Sharing with Google+ Circles Problem (NOTIFICATION Issue :/ )
(read it if you are using Picasa and Google+ together)

For the last few days i am getting some complains from my circles that i am sending them notifications. First i thought it is a problem of people's own notification settings, however Thanks to +Tony Porter s advice i've rechecked the situation and googled a bit more. The thing is my good fellow people in my circles were right :( however it was not totally my fault because Picasa has sharing abilities to Google+ but it automatically shares with NOTIFY option ON(when sharing with certain circles). You can't see it in its settings.. The link below explains this problem. I hope they fix it soon. I won't use Picasa for sharing photos anymore, sorry for the inconvenience again folks.

EDIT (15.04.2013): Now they have fixed it ; ) Finally..