Simple Electret Microphone Amplifier with LM386 (TESTED)

Here are diagrams of a simple electret microphone amplifier with very popular audio amplifier LM386 IC. The circuit is working.It doesn't have a pre-amplifier stage, which makes it easier to handle. Max gain is x200. The output is pretty good. The sensitivity of the mic is good also.I advice you to set the circuit on breadboard first and try the alternatives below and test yourself  which settings works best for you.The circuit can be supplied by a 9V or 4x1.5V battery, so that you can make the speaker mobile. The audio input can be replaced (and/or alternatively) with an audio jack input. That will be a mono audio amplifier for your mp3 player etc : )) Another idea is to place a capacitor biased transistor and by using LED(s) you can make a simple LIGHT ORGAN :) ( I tested that part as well and i will share it soon, it is pretty awesome for such a simple circuit)(Speaker is 8 ohm)