Launchpad(MSP430) Light Alarm Clock Project

After many hours of working on displays,buttons, menu systems and so on, here is my result work.
(The clock somehow lags significantly up to 5 minutes in about 6 hours) But i haven't try the new RTC library yet. Maybe that fixes this issue. I have to fix that and also i will make the PCB and external voltage supply for the launchpad etc. The system works as i want for now. I can set the clock (standalone), set the alarm time, set the light modes (i made three modes: light fades in 10 minutes earlier gradually, 20 minutes and 30 minutes earlier)
buzzer works if you set it at just at the alarm time.. i made some modes but i wish i could use some melodies :smile: (but i am too tired of working at the same project for a long time now : ))

it also shows current temperature and if it is out of your desires min and max. it says it is COLD or HOT on the main loop. You can set the min and max temperature values in the settings menu. It shows the alarm time as well on the main loop, if alarm is set ON.

I have used three buttons for this project. up/down buttons and a set button. 
One last note is that finished work will have three 1W power leds.

Here is the video of my work and the setup in general..

P.S. There is a BUG in the code, after the first set up of the alarm buzzer plays discontinously.