Using Mocap Data of Carneige Mellon University, in Blender3d

Thanks to Ian Scott for the below tutorial, i have noticed another wonderful stuff for blender 3d:
Carnegie Mellon University made a database for motion capture and these can be used in blender. So your animations will be much realistic, and also easier to do. Of course you need to have a good understanding how rigging works in blender. Ian has other good blender tutorials for beginners as well if you check his youtube channel.
p.s. you will also need a free utility called Bvhacker in order to use the motion capture data to blender. [link]

Carnegie Mellon University Motion Capture Database: : 
The *.bvh converted versions of the database [link] (select daz friendly) (bvh version can be used in bvhacker tool, so in blender)

Ian's tutorial: