Fundementals of Using Py2exe to Make Exe Files from Python Script

Here are the very fundemental steps of making an executable from your Python code;

1-Download and install Python (e.g. Python 2.7)
2-Download py2exe  [Link]
3-Make a .py script in notepad (notepad++ is your friend: )

                 from distutils.core import setup
                 import py2exe
4-go to your python setup folder in CMD mode: e.g. C:\Python27\
5-make sure your "" script is ready (the code you want to make exe)
6-at the DOS mode: write  "    python install "
7- then  " python py2exe"
8- two folders will be created in your python folder; build and dist: in the dist directory you will see your exe file. you can check it is working. if you want to distrubute it you must copy the whole dist directory.
9- you can use an installer if you want