Soldering Neodymium Magnets ^_^

Lovely Tiny Strong Neodymium Magnets(3x3x3mm)
Using a bigger iron to put the magnets On, is a good idea. Magnets are attracting both my soldering iron tip and this iron. But the iron is much stronger so it stays on it ^_^
Don't forget that HEAT is the enemy of your magnets. Excessive heat will demagnetize your magnet ..So try to be really quick while soldering your cable on your magnet !
Some cables..

Presoldering my cables..

Results are good! (check how they carry an AA size Battery)

Results are good! (check how they carry an AA size Battery)
It is very practical for battery holding purposes ; ) I bet you will find other purposes as well. Have fun! And be careful while soldering, don't burn your hand.I know it hurts! A lot!

Autocad to SVG Converter (FREE)

Have you ever need a tool to convert your autocad drawing to svg  file? I did.. and i know at the first glance there are lots of softwares that you have to BUY do that ( i guess? )

But thanks to KABEJA, you don't have to pay for trash. It is Open Source and does exactly what it is written for. I recommend it;