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Corrosion of different Metals (Anodic Index)

Anodic index
MetalIndex (V)
Most Cathodic
Gold, solid and plated, Gold-platinum alloy-0.00
Rhodium plated on silver-plated copper-0.05
Silver, solid or plated; monel metal. High nickel-copper alloys-0.15
Nickel, solid or plated, titanium an s alloys, Monel-0.30
Copper, solid or plated; low brasses or bronzes; silver solder; German silvery high copper-nickel alloys; nickel-chromium alloys-0.35
Brass and bronzes-0.40
High brasses and bronzes-0.45
18% chromium type corrosion-resistant steels-0.50
Chromium plated; tin plated; 12% chromium type corrosion-resistant steels-0.60
Tin-plate; tin-lead solder-0.65
Lead, solid or plated; high lead alloys-0.70
2000 series wrought aluminum-0.75
Iron, wrought, gray or malleable, plain carbon and low alloy steels-0.85
Aluminum, wrought alloys other than 2000 series aluminum, cast alloys of the silicon type-0.90
Aluminum, cast alloys other than silicon type, cadmium, plated and chromate-0.95
Hot-dip-zinc plate; galvanized steel-1.20
Zinc, wrought; zinc-base die-casting alloys; zinc plated-1.25
Magnesium & magnesium-base alloys, cast or wrought-1.75
Most Anodic
resource: wikipedia

"Write a Quote on Paper" app for windows

Write a Quote on Paper app is a simple but useful tool especially for Twitter and Facebook users. This app will help you create images with text within seconds. Most of the time we just want to share our thoughts in a Good looking way.Images created with this app will look perfect, which means will perfectly fit and won't be cropped on twitter & facebook feeds.

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