Corrosion of different Metals (Anodic Index)

Anodic index
MetalIndex (V)
Most Cathodic
Gold, solid and plated, Gold-platinum alloy-0.00
Rhodium plated on silver-plated copper-0.05
Silver, solid or plated; monel metal. High nickel-copper alloys-0.15
Nickel, solid or plated, titanium an s alloys, Monel-0.30
Copper, solid or plated; low brasses or bronzes; silver solder; German silvery high copper-nickel alloys; nickel-chromium alloys-0.35
Brass and bronzes-0.40
High brasses and bronzes-0.45
18% chromium type corrosion-resistant steels-0.50
Chromium plated; tin plated; 12% chromium type corrosion-resistant steels-0.60
Tin-plate; tin-lead solder-0.65
Lead, solid or plated; high lead alloys-0.70
2000 series wrought aluminum-0.75
Iron, wrought, gray or malleable, plain carbon and low alloy steels-0.85
Aluminum, wrought alloys other than 2000 series aluminum, cast alloys of the silicon type-0.90
Aluminum, cast alloys other than silicon type, cadmium, plated and chromate-0.95
Hot-dip-zinc plate; galvanized steel-1.20
Zinc, wrought; zinc-base die-casting alloys; zinc plated-1.25
Magnesium & magnesium-base alloys, cast or wrought-1.75
Most Anodic
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