step by step: deshaker usage at virtualdub

1- convert your video files to avi, you can use mp4cam2avi for quick solutions.
2- install virtual dub
3- download deshaker plugin for virtual dub.
4- extract virtual dub into the virtualdub plugin folder
5- recommended codecs for virtualdub are; x264vfw , xvid , ffdshow
6- open virtualdub
7- open avi video that will be stabilized
8- select compression and pick xvid codec for instance
8- open filters; open deshaker
9- choose pass 1, you can use default settings
10- select pass video analysis- this will take some time.
11- go back to filters, deselect pass 1 deshaker and add another deshaker filter; now select pass 2. on the right select no border with adaptive zoom. you can leave other settings on default
12- repeat step 10
13- go to audio; select mpeg3
14- after analyse has ended, go to file and select save as avi
15- enjoy your stabilized footage